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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

West Yorkshire National Front start campaign to preserve Towton Battlefields.

What you are about to read is a copy of an email sent to Selby Council, English Heritage and the local newspapers in the Selby area by West Yorkshire National Front  concerning the battlefields at the quaint village of Towton, where in March 29th 1461 (Palm Sunday) the bloodiest battle ever to take place on British soil took place resulting in the loss of 29,000 English lives
20 th April 2014 For the attention of Councillor Metcalfe, Selby Council and English Heritage, Yorkshire Area Copies to The Press, York and Selby Online 20 th April 2014 For the attention of Councillor Metcalfe, Selby Council and English Heritage, Yorkshire Area Copies to The Press, York and Selby Online.

 Dear Sirs/Madam.

 I would like to bring to your attention our efforts to have the Battlefield of Towton, fought on the 29 th March 1461 declared a protected heritage site. Compared to most other battlefield sites in the United Kingdom, the fields of Towton have been sadly neglected. The Battlefield of Towton is NOT a protected heritage area - only Lord Dacre’s Cross is listed and protected but the rest of Towton’s battlefield is open to anyone who wants to build here; set up caravan sites or generally spoil this sacred site where 29,000 Englishmen lost their lives in the bloodiest battle ever fought on British soil. We don’t allow people to take parts off Stonehenge, and we shouldn’t allow parts of this battlefield to be built on. In 2009, Selby Council gave permission for this site to be used for other inappropriate settlement when instead the whole battlefield should be protected by law as a site of “Historical Heritage”. Where other sites have Information Centres and amenities, there is nobody employed to help the many visitors to such an important historical area, and people driving by can easily miss it’s very existence. The West Yorkshire Branch of the National Front have laid a bouquet of red and white roses on Pal Sunday of this year, which fell on the 13 th April. We also observed a minute's silence for the neglected fallen Englishmen after two short speeches as to why we are carrying out this campaign. A special leaflet has also been produced and is being distributed throughout the area, highlighting West Yorkshire’s NF campaign to have this site firstly made into a protected site and secondly have Selby Council take into serious consideration the construction of an amenities building, staffed with the appropriate people to inform and advise visitors just how important a battle Towton was. I have visited many other battlefield sites, most recently to Culloden Moor. The site was well signposted and a visitors centre offered a battlefield walks. There was also an excellent shop where one can buy books and pamphlets on this particular battlefield. All there is at Towton are three small information boards and the crumbling and neglected cross of Lord Dacre. We shall again next year be mounting an even bigger memorial heritage event and it would be satisfying indeed if the requirements set out above are in place. Many thanks for your time in reading this.

Yours sincerely,

Edmond Morrison

West Yorkshire National Front.

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