Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Labour Party MP and the 7/7 London bomber.

Labour MP for Hemsworth Jon Trickett was a good friend of the mastermind of the 7/7 suicide bombings in July 2005, . Trickett invited Khan to the Houses of Parliament a year before in July 2004, Trickett knew Khan for 17 years. Khan was invited along with children and staff to tour the Palace of Westminster and have sandwiches in Portcullis house a new extension where MP's have their offices. Khan was a learning mentor at Hillside Primary School, Leeds where Jon Trickett's wife Sarah  is head teacher.

Khan had known the Tricketts since the late 1980's he even visited their home having been in the same year as their son in Matthew Murray School in Holbeck. Mrs Trickett and Khan, as a member of staff, accompanied pupils on the trip to London in July 2004 where they visited the London Eye and St James' Park. At the Houses of Parliament they were greeted by Hilary Benn MP who is the MP for Central Leeds which includes Beeston, the place that was under investigation after the 7/7 bombing.

Above, Khan in class.

Above, Khan in his infamous photo.

Above, Jon Trickett MP in his younger days. (circa 2005)

Below is a link to the Telegraph dated 16th July 2005.

It must also be said that whilst Trickett was a Labour Councillor at Leeds City Council he stood upon the Town Hall steps waving the flag of Nelson Mandela`s ANC. Trickett is also a founding signatory with the UAF which can be found here >>>>

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