Friday, 7 November 2014

Over 7,000 British Service Personnel killed since 1945.

Statistics just released by the Ministry of Defence show that 7,145 UK service personnel were killed in 28 different military theatres between the end of Word War 2 (2nd September 1945) and 31st October 2014. The three bloodiest conflicts were, Malaya, Northern Ireland and Korea. The figures listed below shows the deaths in the military theatres:

Malaya  - 1,443 deaths between 1948 - 1960

Northern Ireland  - 1,441 deaths between 1969 - 2007

Korea - 1,129 deaths between 1950 - 1954

Palestine - 754 deaths between 1945 - 1948

Afghanistan  - 453 deaths between 2001 - 2014

Canal Zone  - 405 deaths between 1951 - 1954

Cyprus  - 358 deaths between 1955 - 1959

Falklands  - 252 deaths in 1982

Iraq - 178 deaths between 2003 - 2011

South Arabia - 160 deaths between 1964 - 1967

Borneo - 140 deaths between 1962 - 1966

Kenya - 95 deaths between 1952 - 1956

Service personnel have been killed in every single year between 1945 and 2014 except 1968. The three worst years were 1951 (829 deaths) 1952 (566 deaths) 1953 (456) deaths. This was when the Malayan Civil War and the Korean conflict were in full swing.

The worst year in the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland was 1972 with 170 deaths, more recently in Afghanistan accounted for all but one of the 109 deaths was recorded in 2009 and for 103 deaths in 2010.

Further analysis of more recent military involvements classifies death "due to enemy action", or from other causes, ie, deaths from, accidents, natural causes, assaults, coroner confirmed suicide, or open verdicts and causes unknown.

In Northern Ireland, enemy action accounted for 722 deaths against 719 deaths from other causes. In Afghanistan, the enemy action was split 404/49 deaths, In Iraq it was 153/43 deaths.

Final thought.

Apart from Northern Ireland and the Falklands, very few of these conflicts were for British interests, British territory or indeed the British people. On Sunday 9th November the puppet politicians will form up at the Cenotaph to cry crocodile tears and mouth weasely words about our war dead then go away and forget all about them until the following year, on the following day it will be "business as usual". By this time next year the casualty figures will have probably increased , and even now these puppet politicians will have already connived for another futile war to which embroil Britain in, but it won`t be a British war for British interests, but a foreign one for the NEW WORLD ORDER to impose `Globalisation`. The Lib/Lab/Con have committed Britain to endless foreign wars in support of the NWO. They have blood dripping from their hands.

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