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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Nationalists against Groomers demo : Newcastle 4th October

In its continuing campaign against Muslim grooming gangs operating in the North East of England, North East National Front held their second public demonstration in Newcastle against both the grooming gangs and the media/police cover up of the whole disgusting paedophile affair on Saturday 4th October 2014. Over 80 members of the National Front, the North East Infidels, the Sunderland Defence League, the North West Infidels and the Scottish Defence League, as well as many local people who joined the demo whilst out shopping, stood in solidarity on the steps of the Grey's Memorial in Newcastle city centre against the Muslim groomers and their Marxist allies in the media.

(Above(The massive banner on display

(Above) Tensions rise as Nationalists show their disgust at the reds.

During the proud Nationalist demonstration, a pathetic crowd of paedophile supporters from the UAF and the eccentric 'Revolutionary Communist Group' (who strangely believe Fidel Castro is a working class hero even though he lives a life of luxury while the Cuban people rot in squalor) made a half-hearted attempt to attack the anti-paedo rally, knowing that they had no chance of getting through the police line. Sadly for the UAF, the Nationalists stormed through the police and at least four reds received a good battering and had their flags confiscated and destroyed. The communist flag of Cuba was publically burned on the monument steps whilst the reds looked on as they cowered behind their police protection licking their wounds.

During the reds opposition, a lone Nationalist (Who will remain nameless) did a "Left Flank" then went behind the reds and snatched the reds flag, and returned to his fellow Nationalists, which was subsequently burned in front of the Monument.

Photo slideshow from the demo. 

(Above) Kev Bryan speaking.

(Above) Richard Edmonds speaking.

Interestingly, half a dozen NF members spotted about 30 UAF just before the rally started and the reds just glanced at them and slunk off without uttering a word. If they had something to say why didn't they say it then when they outnumbered Nationalists five to one? Perhaps the odds weren't high enough in their favour? Or more likely it was because there were no police there to 'hold them back'. In typical red fashion, they waited until their police protection arrived before they made a futile attempt to attack us, thinking they were safe. They live and learn.

After the demonstration, the Nationalists made their way to a pre-booked venue to hold a meeting, speeches were made by Simon Biggs the North East NF Organiser, Kev McMahon, Richard Edmonds. At the interval, a raffle was held and the buffet was opened,  and then the National Front Chairman Mr Kevin Bryan gave his usual rousing speech before Simon Biggs closed the meeting.

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