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Monday, 10 November 2014

National Front Remembrance Day Parade 2014.

On Sunday 9th November 2014 between 250-300 members and supporters of the National Front held their annual Remembrance Day Parade in London. 

Nationalist from all over Britain descended upon London on Sunday to pay homage to the fallen. At 1:15pm everyone met up at Bressendon Place to take part in the National Fronts` Remembrance Day Parade. over 60 newly made Union Flags on poles were handed out to members of the Flag Party and the Drum Corps rehearsed for the ceremony. The Parade Marshall Mr Darren Lumb along with head of Security Mr Simon Biggs got everyone to form up into ranks of three. The Parade Marshall then made a few last minute inspections making sure everyone was in their correct positions. The Drum Corps being at the front, behind them were the National Front Chairman, Kevin Bryan, at his side was Deputy Chairman, Dave McDonald, behind them were the Wreath laying party and behind them were the Flag Party which was followed by the members and supporters of the National Front. At exactly 1:45pm, the Parade Marshall, Darren Lumb started the proceedings by shouting "National Front will march in column of route, by the front, quick march". The Drum Corps were then given the signal to sound their drums. The parade then made its way along the road which was ladened with members of the public, with one gentleman was overheard to say "What a wonderful sight, it makes me proud to be British".

Final preparations.

Chairman and Deputy Chairman taking their positions.

The Flag Party moving off. 

On route.

Above, The Union Flag & the flags of Great Britain lead the Flag Party.

(Above) National Front on route.

Once the parade were on route the Drum corps played solemnly but resounding beats on their drums, as the procession followed on. As the parade made its way towards Westminster Palace a Police officer brought it to the attention of the Parade Marshall that a silent service was being conducted on the lawns of Westminster Palace and that it would be a good idea to cease with the drums, so the Parade Marshall signalled to the Drums to cease playing which was promptly observed. The National Front continued to silently move along until they reached the entrance to Whitehall where the signal was given to the Drum Corps to begin, the drum beats resonated along Whitehall and the parade headed towards the Cenotaph, both sides of Whitehall was full of members of the public who watched the National Front march up to the Cenotaph. Once at their destination the Parade Marshall called for the parade to halt. The Flag bearers were then called to the front. A single drum beat was the sign for the flags to be lowered to the ground and the mandatory 2 minutes silence was observed, after the 2 minutes silence a drum beat was sounded for the flags to be raised. The Parade Marshall then recited :


The Chairman then led the wreath laying ceremony, he laid the wreath for the National Front, followed by Dave McDonald who laid a wreath on behalf of National Front Scotland, Luke Pippen laid a wreath on behalf of South Wales National Front and Chris Walsh laid a wreath on behalf of Northern Ireland National Front, a wreath was laid by Mark Freeman of Kent National front then other members including representatives of the South East Alliance and Scottish Defence League laid theirs, it has to be said that a young girl made her way to the Cenotaph, she took her Poppy off her dress and placed it onto the plinth of the Cenotaph. The Parade Marshall then placed two Poppy Crosses onto the plinth.

Above, Little girl paying her respects.

Above, Little girl placing her Poppy on the plinth of the Cenotaph.

The lowering of the flags.

Above, Kevin Bryan laying the National Front wreath.

Above, South East Alliance representative.

Mark Freeman, Kent National Front.

Scottish Defence League representative.

Above, Chris Walsh, Northern Ireland National Front.

Above, Luke Pippen, South Wales National Front.

Parade Marshall, Darren Lumb placing 2 Poppy Crosses.

When the wreath laying ceremony was completed at the Cenotaph, the Parade then proceeded to the Women`s Memorial further along Whitehall. They were halted once more by the Parade Marshall, and a single drum beat sounded and the flags were once again lowered to the ground. Tess Culnane, the London Regional Organiser recited the Lord`s Prayer, a drum was again sounded and the flags were raised. Wreaths were placed by Tess Culnane and Debbie McMahon.

Above, At the Women`s Memorial. 

That concluded this years Act of Remembrance. The Parade formed back up into their positions and waited for the signal to move off. The Parade Marshall then signalled for the Drum Corps to sound their drums, and the parade made its way along Whitehall, once outside Downing Street the drums fell silent and the procession carried on in total silence. After passing Downing Street the Drums sounded again but this time in all its glory, The parade turned the corner and headed towards Whitehall Gardens, just before they got to the gardens, the parade was halted. The Parade Marshall shouted "National Front Parade, fall out". Everyone then made they way to the gardens for a political rally and to listen to speeches by Richard Edmonds, Tess Culnane and the Chairman Kevin Bryan who also thanked everyone for attending this years parade, he wished everyone a safe journey home and that he hoped to see them all next year.

Representatives from South Wales National Front. 

Video footage from the National Front Remembrance Day Parade 2014.

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