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Monday, 27 October 2014

"Royal" Visit to Batley Mosque.

The Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire visited Batley mosque.
Dr Ingrid Roscoe had a tour of the Madina Masjid and Madressah Islamiyyah, in Purlwell Lane, on Thursday October 16.
As the Queen’s regional representative, Mrs Roscoe wanted to learn more about the heavily Muslim populated community and how youngsters are educated at the Mosque
She was shown around the Madina prayer area and then spoke with staff at the Madressah, in which around 700 children aged five to 14 are taught weekly.
After the visit, Mrs Roscoe said: “I think it’s proper for the Queen’s representative to have conversations with these communities and encourage them to speak with us.
“I went away with eight books on the education of children.”
Headteacher at the mosque Mufti Zakaria Akudi, 43, of Hope Street, Dewsbury, said: “She liked them because they are based on how to be a good role model.”
Mrs Roscoe was impressed at the commitment of the learners who attended evening classes after a full day at school.
“Their dedication is absolute,” she said.
Zakaria added that the mosque often receives visits, but they were happy that someone so high-profile wanted to learn more about their culture.

Dr Ingrid Roscoe shaking hands outside Mosque. 

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