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Sunday, 31 August 2014

The National Front take over Rotherham.

Knowing that the EDL were still holding their pointless hunger strike camp outside Rotherham Police Station and the BNP publicly announcing they were holding a demo somewhere in the town, the National Front decided to go in under the radar.

About 40 NF members and supporters met in a local pub and took the police by surprise!

While the EDL and the BNP were kettled in away from the public. the NF marched through the town centre and held a demo where the NF Chairman, Kev Bryan and others made well received speeches.

The public were over the moon to see them and were greeted by a  continuous round of applause.

Then dozens of police arrived and stood all around the Nationalists  whilst members of the public looked at the massed ranks of police in disgust - the forces of 'law and order' can turn out dozens of officers to stop White Nationalists having a public activity but when 1400 young White girls were abused and raped in the town, the police knowingly allowed it to happen.

The public were so annoyed with the police action, that many of them walked through the police corden and stood with the Nationalists.

The National Front along with members of the North West Infidels (NWI)  then marched off to another part of town and handed out more leaflets. By now the police were becoming a pain, so they decided they would leave Rotherham and hold another demo' 17 miles away in Wakefield.

The NF & the NWI help another Nationalist activity outside Wakefield Cathedral where Kev Bryan and Simon Biggs gave well received speeches yet again. It was half an hour until a lone policeman arrived.

By now everyone decided the day had been a great success and decided it was time to head home. Once again the National Front got it right, flash demos got right into the eye of the public.

A big thank you to all who made the day a great success.

The National Front is the only way forward for the future of British Nationalism.

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