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Friday, 4 July 2014

The day Democracy died in Bolton.

Sad news from Greater Manchester,  the much vaunted Super Mosque was been given approval at the Planning Committee meeting.

The meeting erupted as the decision was announced , and local residents angrily confronted local councilors….who ran away and hid like cowards.

A local campaign opposed the application for a 1,000 prayer mat replacement facility for an existing mosque and madrassa. They had massive local support , collecting 5,000 signatures on a petition and 100`s objected to the council.

The design is very grandiose , and not in keeping with local architecture. See if you can spot the difference , the Planning Committee couldn`t !

Despite the efforts of the local indigenous population , the Labour Party dominated Planning Committee would not defer the decision to allow time to consider a damning report from the Highways Agency.

Clearly the Labour Party agenda of mosques for votes , was more important than road safety and residents parking.

It`s hoped that the opposition group will organise an application for a Judicial Review to overturn this scandalous decision.

Final thought

You`d think that the road safety and well being of thousands of local residents would outweigh the needs of a small minority……..not in Bolton !

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