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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Nationalists against Groomers: Newcastle National Front Demonstration.

On Saturday 10th May around 100 Nationalists from all parts of Britain attended a National Front Demonstration at Greys Monument in the centre of Newcastle at 12:00pm to show their disgust at the local authorities who colluded to cover up the henious crimes of Muslim peadophile gangs that have been systematically drugging and then raping young and vulnerable White girls for a number of years. So far a total of 86 arrests have been carried out by Northumbria Police with only 12 charged, and these figures are expected to increase as the Police continue in their investigations.
Some very powerful speeches were delivered during the demonstration from different members of a number of Patriotic groups. There was a small number of Anti-British,  far left on the other side of the Monument, but they didn't pose any kind of ''threat'' to the Nationalists at all. Members of the public gathered in their 100's in front of the Nationalist demonstration and listened to the many speeches in shock and awe, with many taking leaflets and speaking to the Nationalist Activists who were handing out leaflets.
No trouble was witnessed and after the demonstration everyone made their way to a pre-arranged venue to listen to great speeches by Simon Biggs, Richard Edmonds and the NF Chairman Kevin Bryan, Simon thanked everyone who had made the day a success, he mentioned that Nationalists had traveled from, South Wales, Birmingham, London, Scotland, Manchester, Yorkshire, Hartlepool, Lincolnshire, Liverpool, Northern Ireland, and one elderly gentleman who had traveled all the way from Cornwall. It was agreed that Newcastle will see many more National Front Demonstrations in the very near future to carry on campaigning against the epidemic of Muslim grooming gangs that are sweeping this country.

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