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Monday, 5 May 2014

National Front demonstration in Newcastle.



A demonstration by the National Front will be taking place at Greys Monument in the centre of Newcastle on Saturday 10th May at 12:00pm. The National Front are going there to show their disgust at the authorities for covering up the henious crime of Muslim 'Grooming' gangs, young, vulnerable White girls have, and still are being groomed by the vile animals, so far the police have arrested 75 and charged ONLY 11 in what the police call ''OPERATION SANCTUARY''. The cases of grooming in Newcastle are said to exceed the ones in Rotherham (600). If you have an ounce of decency you will make your way to Newcastle on Saturday and stand alongside Nationalists and make your voices heard. The more people that attends, the louder our voices will be, and together we CAN protect OUR children from this epidemic that is sweeping OUR country.

Please encourage your friends, families and neighbours to attend..

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