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Monday, 21 April 2014

WANTED: Anjem Choudary for inciting hatred.

On Good Friday, the Islamic hate preacher Anjem (Andy) Choudary commanded over 1000 Muslims outside Regents Park Mosque in London, in his speech he was calling for Shariah Law to be implemented in Britain and saying the Black flag of Islam will soon be flying above Downing Street. Around 50 or so Patriots stood against Choudary and his Islamic hordes which could've quite easily ended up into civil unrest had it not been for the Metropolitan Police segregating the two opposing groups, one Patriot said ''It was like running the Gauntlet at one stage''. Choudary is well known for trying to cause unrest between his islamic hordes and Patriots but when confronted he sheepishly runs to the Police wanting protection who in turn give him a 'safe house', its as if Choudary is being instructed what to do by the political establishment because he never seems to get arrested for incitement and hate speech, lets not forget his outburst about Drummer Lee Rigby (RIP) last year.

Final thought.

Will the Police be stepping in now after his outbursts on Twitter or will he be left alone to carry on fanning the flames of hatred, only time will tell.

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