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Monday, 14 April 2014

National Front remember the fallen at Towton.

On March 29th 1461, the rolling, blizzard swept, fields and ridges around Towton were the backdrop of the bloodiest battle of the culminating wars. As Lancastrian and Yorkist armies furiously hacked, slashed and stabbed their way across the battlefield, the political future of England hung in the balance. By battle's end, some 29,000 soldiers of both sides had been slaughtered in the name of a civil war, those tragic outcomes were its fatal positing of Englishman against Englishman, the way in which those who led the forces put personal aims, gains and intrigues before the greater good of their Motherland and their fellow Sons of Arthur.

Members and supporters of West Yorkshire National Front travelled to the village of Towton in North Yorkshire on Sunday 13th April to pay tribute to the 29,000 Englishmen who were slaughtered in what is now known as the bloodiest battle ever to be fought on English soil. At 1pm everyone met at Lord Dacre's Cross which over looks the battlefields of Towton to hear speeches by Mr Eddie Morrison and Mr Darren Lumb. Mr Morrison spoke about the history of the battle in great detail, and Mr Lumb spoke about the importance of preserving the area of Towton, after the speeches,  Eddie Morrison placed a bouquet of Red and White Roses on the plinth of Lord Dacre's Cross then called for a minutes silence to remember the soldiers from both sides who had perished at the Battle of Towton in 1461. A journalist from Selby Times was present and interviewed members of the National Front and said there will be a report in the following Thursday's paper and online.

Once the silence had been observed Eddie thanked everyone for attending and said that the fight is on against Selby Council and English Heritage to preserve Towton Battlefields and that the West Yorkshire branch of the National Front will be at the forefront of this fight.

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