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Friday, 14 February 2014

The Labour Party is infested with PAEDOPHILES.

The Labour party is infested with vile, nasty disgusting people, the Labour party is rife with paedophiles, just Google Labour25 and you will see just how vile they are, and yet the British public continue to vote for them, they are either brainwashed or just plane stupid., and don't care less about the future of their children.

The deputy of the Labour party is Harriet Harmon, she is a supporter of Paedophiles, and she stated that it should be legal for a paedophile to take naked pictures of young children for as long as they they are not harmed in any way, she also wants the age of sex to come down to the age of 14. Many Labour MP's, Councillors, Lord Mayor's and Labour Party activists have been in court for raping children, and also making them commit filthy acts. It is also known that Gordon Brown was in a paedophile ring in Scotland, and he and some other men, had intercourse with a child of 9 years old. Tony Blair put a gagging on it, in order to stop anyone from reporting on it.

According to the testimony of a British journalist, Mike James, who now lives in Germany, the then British prime minister, Gordon Brown, is an arrant old paedophile.

The journalist says that, as a paedophile, Brown has been known to the police for a long time, but the previous prime minister, Tony Blair, ordered to cover up the scandal due to the British aggression against Iraq on the basis of false information about Saddam possessing weapons of mass destruction.

According to the testimony of the British journalist, Brown is member of a ring of senior British paedophiles, consisting of general prosecutor Goldsmitdt, a former chieftain of the NATO lord Robertson and lord Mandelson. All of them are major members of masonic lodges.

The British journalist said that a group of senior pedophiles organized a massacre of children in Dunblane Primary School in Scotland on 13 (!) March 1996, killing 16 small children and a teacher. The children were killed because they knew too much about the crimes committed by British paedophile politicians.

Final thought.

The public have be warned time and time again about the Labour party, but they still vote for them, so in a way,that makes the Labour voters no different to them.

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