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Monday, 27 January 2014

National Front's 47th Anniversary meeting hailed a great success.

A West Yorkshire venue held the 47th Anniversary Rally/meeting of The National Front.

On Sunday January 26th, around 90 members and supporters of The National Front came together to attend and celebrate the 47th Anniversary of the formation of the White Nationalist party. In a plush venue near Leeds everyone gathered to be part of this prestigious event, the walls of the room were decked out in flags and banners from across the Nation, White Nationalists travelled from all over the country to be in attendance, such areas like, Kent, Birmingham, Brighton, Newcastle, Scarborough, Manchester, Liverpool, Oldham, Rochdale, London and of course the Yorkshire area. A couple of undesirables who gained entry into the room were asked to leave as their presence was not needed.

The speakers for the day were:
Tony Braithwaite - Hull (Chairman of the event)
Eddy Morrison - (Britain First Editor)
Simon Biggs - (North East Organiser)
Darren Lumb - (NF Yorkshire Activist)
Tess Culnane (London NF Organiser)
Nick Walsh ( NF treasurer)
Kevin Bryan (Chairman of The National Front)

Tony Braithwaite opened the meeting informing the audience of the days agenda. He also spoke about how the National Front is the last line of defence for White Britons in Britain today. Tony then introduced Eddy Morrison as the next speaker.
Eddy gave an eulogy to his long time friend and long standing Nationalist Dave Brown who sadly passed away last year, Eddy reminist how he and Dave had travelled the Nation attending meetings and rallies, Eddy then asked for members of West Yorkshire to unfurl a banner dedicated to the memory of Dave Brown whose family were at the meeting.
The next speaker to be invited to the top table was the North East Organiser, Simon Biggs. Simon spoke about when he was aged 16 with a couple of friends how they had witnessed an old Soldier with a chest full of medals getting a beating by Left Wing thugs, he spoke how the elderly Soldiers face was unrecognisable after the beating, "With my mates, we went to the rescue of this chap, we didn't know why he had taken such an hiding" said Simon "but when we asked this guy why those animals had done this, we noticed his medals, he had served during the war, the old soldier told us he was going to march with the National Front and that he didn't want an Ambulance" Simon said. Simon then went on to tell the audience that he is in this movement until the very end.
Nick Walsh was then invited to speak. Nick gave a short speech detailing membership and spoke about collecting for a legal fund which he said was very important to the movement. Then by surprise Nick introduced the next speaker, Alex, a Spanish Nationalist. Alex apologised for his lack of being able to be fluent in the English language but he said he was taking lessons. Alex spoke of the struggle his fellow countrymen are facing around Spain, he also mentioned that all this immigration not only in Spain and Britain but in the whole of Europe was damaging to the genetic makeup. "We have to defeat the Zionists" said Alex He also mentioned the struggle that is ongoing in the Ukrainian Capital Kiev where Nationalists have taken to the streets to show their opposition to any entry into the Zionist EU. Alex received a standing ovation when he finished his speech.
Tony Braithwaite then brought about an interval in the days events informing everyone that a buffet was open the bar would be open for 20 minutes and that merchandising stalls were available for anyone wishing to purchase items.

After the interval Tony resumed the meeting by introducing Yorkshire NF activist Darren Lumb to the top table. This was only the second time that Darren had spoken at such a prestigious event. Before he commenced with his speech, he first asked the audience to stand while he read out a list of name of victims of White racist murders, the name included, Charlene Downes, Gavin Hopley, Kriss Donald, Christina Edkins, Aaron Dugmore,  and Drummer Lee Rigby and the other countless White victims. He then spoke  with passion about how the White Race were the architects of inventions, buildings music and the creators of our civilisation. Darren closed his speech and thanked the Chairman for inviting him to the meeting to which he was given a round of applause from everyone in the room.
Next to the top table by invitation of Tony was the London Organiser, Tess Culnane. She was given a raptious applause as she took her position to deliver her speech. Tess told everyone about the plight of the White Britons in the London area and how they had become the minority in the area, she also talked about the brutal slaughter of British Soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby on a London street by crazed men that belong to an ideology that had no place in Britain. Tess received a standing ovation when she brought her speech to a close.
Tony then introduced The National Front Chairman, Kevin Bryan to the podium. Kevin began by thanking everyone who had travelled far and wide to attend the Anniversary meeting, and that the next Anniversary meeting of the National Front would be the 50th Anniversary. Everyone in the room was taken aback with Kevins passionate speech as he delivered it with great conviction and purpose, he spoke of how the great and late John Tyndall was his mentor and idol and how JT would be turning in his resting place at the way Nick Griffin had destroyed all that he had built. Kevin went on to say that under his leadership he intends to make The National Front bigger and better and more stronger than it has ever been before, in his own words he said "The National Front is the last bastion of hope and salvation for the White population of our homeland, there is no one else OR party that can secure our freedom and culture." Kevin mentioned how true leaders fought at Rourke's Drift, 150 brave men against 4000 ruthless Zulus and that 11 Victoria Crosses had been won that day, he went on to say that Richard Lionheart was a true King of his people right upto his descendant King Richard lll who fell in battle at Bosworth in 1483. Kevin's speech really was the highlight of the meeting and when he finally ended after about 45 minutes everyone stood up and gave a standing ovation worthy of any leader that lasted around 10 minutes.
When everyone had calmed down and returned to their seats, Tony Braithwaite. Thanked everyone for attending and formally closed the meeting.

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