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Monday, 11 November 2013

National Front hold Remembrance Parade in London.

The National Front held its annual Remembrance Day Parade in London.

On Sunday 10th November, National Front members and supporters along with Patriots from around the country gathered en masse outside Victoria Palace on Bressendon Place in London to take part in the National Fronts annual Remembrance Day Parade, once everyone had mustered at the meeting point they formed up in ranks of three (3), at precisely 1430hrs the parade set off in column of route towards the Cenotaph situated in Whitehall, the route was lined with members of the public who graciously applauded and cheered as the Nationalist procession marched past. The Chairman of the National Front, Mr Kevin Bryan led the Nationalist procession holding a wreath of Poppies followed by a Drum Corps who played a somber but somewhat pride rousing tune, a lone Piper also joined in with a rendition of Amazing Grace. Once at the Cenotaph every Nationalist/Patriot that were carrying flags were called to the front, and lowered their flags as soon as the Last Post sounded which was played by a Bugler standing at the side of the Cenotaph, then the mandatory 2 minutes silence was observed. Revellie was then sounded and the flags were raised and wreaths were placed on the Cenotaph steps, once all wreaths were placed a poem was read out by Mr Rob Poundall then a couple of speeches were delivered by Tess Culnane and Kevin Bryan. The parade then headed to the Womens War Memorial further down Whitehall were Tess Culnane asked the flag bearers to lower their flags while everyone recited The Lords Prayer.
The National Front then headed off for a rally behind Whitehall to listen to speeches by Richard Edmonds, Tess Culnane and the Chairman Kev Bryan.


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