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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Not another illegal War ?

Stop the Government's military intervention in Syria.

Once again our Nation is on the brink of another ILLEGAL war, this time in the Sovereign Nation of Syria. The State controlled MEDIA owned by Zionists is pumping mis-information into the living rooms of thousands of people saying that President Assad has used Chemical weapons on his own people when all the evidence shows that if there we're any chemical weapons used they we're used by the ''Syrian Rebels'' who in turn are being funded by the Government.
Prime Minister, David Cameron has re-called Parliament on Thursday,  and all MP's are to debate a ''motion'' about the use of military intervention against Syria.

The Nationalist Correspondant urges ALL our readers to contact their MP's and demand that they vote against any such military intervention, for the sake of all Mankind, because if this action against Syria is taken then it will lead to further disastrous consequences not only in the Middle East but for the rest of the World.
Iran is a close ally to Syria, and they said that if Syria is attacked then they will have no other option but to target Israel, who they firmly believe is behind all the aggression in the Middle East and who are backed by the American Government under the leadership of Obama. Russia on the other hand have abruptly told America not to take any action against Syria until the United Nations have decided what course of action should take place. The next 48 hours are going to be critical and that is why The Nationalist Correspondant is urging you to get in touch with your MP.

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