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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Blackburn Awareness Day.

Blackburn & Darwin Borough Council.

Saturday 8th December 2012 was a very productive day in Blackburn, Lancashire. At around one o'clock some 70 dedicated men and women from Nationalist organisations such as the National Front, BNP and the The North West Infidels descended into Blackburn Town centre we're handfuls of the 10,000 leaflets we're handed out to each and every individual who wanted to participate in the days activities. The Wintry weather didn't play a very good role as it was bitterly cold with a blustery wind making the temperatures plummet, but that didn't dampen the spirits of everyone who came along, some came from Yorkshire and allover the North West to make the public aware of this epidemic of child grooming, mainly carried out by members of the Muslim community and a small minority of the white community. Lancashire Police we're ever present on the precinct near the Town Hall keeping a watchful eye on what was happening, one Policewomen approached one of the leafleting team and said that there we're certain areas that we're ''out of bounds'' due to some areas being classed as tinderboxes and that the presence of everyone handing out these leaflets could cause some kind of backlash within the Muslim community. 

Leaflet (front)

Leaflet (back)

At the end of the leafleting session it was estimated that around 9,800 leaflets we're handed out, most of the public did not know of this problem within their own town, and some members of the public we're overheard to say that more has to be done to stop this behaviour and that children must not be subjected to such abuse, one Gentleman said '' This has been going on for about 20 years and its all been covered up by the ruling Authorities including the Labour Council'' he also went on to say, '' If it doesn't happen on Eastenders or X-Factor then most of the residents of Blackburn don't care, I have seen loads of men in cars and takeaways either offering free lifts or free food to young girls and I think this is disgusting, I will never allow my Grandchildren to or come to think of it my daughters when they we're young to be allowed out at any time after dark, you just can't trust anyone because of whats happening''. 

A list of some of the Councillors of Blackburn.

It must be said that no trouble or confrontations we're encountered whilst everyone participated in handing out these leaflets and the Police we're very considerate in facilitating this event. After the leafleting session everyone involved made their way to a local public house and reflected on the days activities while enjoying some food which was provided by the staff.

The final note for the day.
It is now about time that the ruling authorities started to clamp down on these grooming gangs and also the  courts should hand down more stricter sentences as a deterrent ,in fact the Death Penalty should be reintroduced for ANYONE that commits these crimes against children. How many more children's lives have to be ruined at the hands of these  predatory paedophiles and child exploiters ?

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  1. It was good day made even better by the response of the public. The comments from people was heartwarming, so many said that they were glad that someone was making a stand against a problem that has reached epidemic proportions.
    It's a sad fact that certain areas are considered to be "tinderboxes" where certain members of the community would take offence at the handing out of leaflets warning of the grooming problem, afterall we are always being told that integration is working and beneficial so why would anyone take offence?