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Friday, 31 August 2012

Hope not Hate--In another fine mess.

The offensive article. Click the photo to enlarge. 

Mathew Collins, Nick Lowles and Albert Brown from the extreme left Hope not Hate website which is funded by the Daily Mirror have committed a Cardinal sin today by writing an article depicting 7 charity workers as far right extremists just because they we're dressed as Knights Templar's while they carried out a coast to coast walk for a young lad of 15 years old who is suffering from the adult version of Leukaemia-Acute Myloid Leukaemia (AML), the charity workers under went the walk from Bridlington on the East coast of England and trudged over the cruel countryside to Blackpool on the West coast of England in 5 days, but in the wisdom of the left wing traitors they thought they would write an article, but after several telephone calls from a couple of the walkers who took part in the aptly named ''Crusade for Joe'' the article was taken down. The fact of the matter is quite simple why would these generous, thoughtful and concerned people who took part in this epic struggle to cover the most undulating countryside in England for a young lad with the most cruelest disease be in the words of the editors of the Hope not Hate website extremists ?, it just shows what lengths these people will go to get some kind of publicity. 

Mathew Collins AKA Dan Perry. 

This is Mathew Collins bragging off about ''Kicking in old ladies'' 
in his so called Combat 18 days. 

Nick Lowles. 

Everyone needs to boycott this left wing paper.

Joe is at the centre of this photo in the blue vest, at the finish line at Blackpool Tower. 

After about half an hour of the Hope not Hate site posting their vicious article it was took down after some of the walkers telephoned and voiced their opinions, the gang from ''Crusade for Joe'' have contacted this blog and said '' They are now considering taking legal action against Searchlight and Hope not Hate''. they feel that the article was written in a defamatory way and showed no compassion whats so ever for sufferers of any form of Cancer. 

This video is dedicated to Mathew Collins and his left wing loonies, enjoy. 

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