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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Calling all Nationalists, Patriots and Loyalists.


On the 21st July 2012 the IRA and its Marxist supporters have planned a march in the City of Liverpool, this is a call out to all Nationalists, Patriots, Loyalists and ex Servicemen to attend and oppose this march. The Mayor and leader of Liverpool Council Joe Anderson has allowed this march to go ahead. Hundreds of British soldiers have lost their lives fighting the IRA during the troubles in Northern Ireland and dozens of British citizens on the Mainland have been murdered at the hands of these terrorists, we must never forget theses atrocities that is why we must stand shoulder to shoulder on this day. We cannot allow marches of this kind on British soil EVER. This march is also supported by the Communists of the Liverpool Anti-Fascists, the UAF and various other Anti-British groups, its time the public were made aware of the agenda of the far left wing. 

The Mayor and leader of Liverpool City Council, Joe Anderson.

We must never forget what these IRA scum did to these two British Soldiers.
For God and Ulster.

More details of the Anti-IRA march will be added nearer the time. So for now please share this article..

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