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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Strength to strength


 Thursday 24th November saw a very successful meeting in Denby Dale, near Huddersfield of the Yorkshire British National Party, the venue was perfect for everyone to come and enjoy what was on offer. The staff and management were very friendly and appreciative of the presence of the only political party that really cares about our country. After the introduction of what was on the meeting agenda, Alan Turnbull the Organiser for South Yorkshire gave a brilliant speech about how the UK's membership of the EU was affecting the people and how with its ideology was crippling the very democracy that everyone in this country is proud of. Alan talked about how he was affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ) after serving in the Armed services for 18 years including combat in the illegal war in Iraq, Alan said he suffered with PTSD for nearly 3 years before he was diagnosed and before the Government which sent him and his comrades did anything about his condition. He retired from the Army without a future after feeling he had been thrown on the Military scrapheap and left to his own devises, and that he joined the British National Party some 4 years ago because the BNP was the only party that actually cared for ex-forces personal, Alan produced an excellent power point presentation on the EU and how corrupt the EU really is with its un-elected Muppet's that are trying to control the population of these shores. Alan was very passionate about how he wants to help the BNP get the UK out of the EU. A short break was called for the members and their guests to re-charge their glasses and a raffle was conducted. After the interval Darren Lumb the West Yorkshire Organiser took to the floor and gave a very interesting speech about Islam and the Labour Party, he started with how he likes to get involved with demonstrations and protests, and how he attended the recent  ''Protect the '' protest in London 11th November, when we all know what happened last year when Islamic fundamentalists burned the symbolic Poppy and chanted slogans about our troops, Darren then went on to tell the audience of around 40 that Islam will be dominant in this country if people don't start and ''wake up'' to this alien threat that we are witnessing and that our children deserve better, he carried on with what can only be called as ''mindblowing'' when he mentioned about the evidence of a website that has been circulated about the paedophiles that have come to light in the Labour Party, and that the school in Sheffield is carrying out the wishes of Harriet Harman by teaching children as young as 4 about sex education, the audience was angered by this and said they would do as much as they could to tell their friends and neighbours about this sordid party. Darren concluded his speech about how Halal foods were finding their way into the our society via fast food outlets such as KFC, NANDO'S,  SUBWAY and the shelves of supermarkets without the public knowing. ''there is an hidden agenda and everyone needs to be made aware of this'' said Darren. He then went on to say how he was disgusted how the Queen held a recent banquet for the Turkish delegation held in Buckingham Palace, the banquet was Halal and that Turkey in the next 2 years will be a member of the EU and that would mean another 70million more allowed to come here if the traitors in power had their way. Next on the floor was Danny Cooke the Deputy Regional Organiser for the whole of Yorkshire he concluded with how he wants transparency within the party regarding finances and how each and every member must get more active and that donations were the key to winning council seats to preserve our culture and traditions. Danny said '' Yorkshire needs money to buy campaign leaflets and that the Yorkshire Branch will be putting a strong campaign together for the EU elections in 2014''. The meeting finished with a raptious applause and donations were taken to bolster what Danny had said.

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