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Friday, 2 September 2011

Labour paedophiles in our midst

Our news team have been very busy of late, they have uncovered a list of Labour Party paedophiles, its called Labour25. Some of the stuff they have found is considered as NOT FOR CHILDREN, the names of the Labour Party paedophiles consist of 3 Lord Mayors,  councillors & MP's.

This is Harriet Harmon she is the deputy Leader of the Labour Party, she has campaigned to make child pornography legal, she was once quoted as saying '' Pornographic films and photographs should not be considered indecent'' and that paedophiles ''should not have to justify themselves''.

She tried to abolish the age of consent and make incest legal so that fathers and uncles could have sex with their children (how disgusting). So why would Labour allow her to sit on the cabinet for young peoples welfare when she has been trying to legalise paedophilia ?. Why would Labour make her the Justice Minister when she believes that paedophilia is perfectly acceptable ?

This is Jack Straw the MP for Blackburn, he was the Home Secretary, Jack's brother William is a convicted sex offender. He sexually molested a young girl in his bedroom.

William went to court and was fined £750 and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for only 5 years. While Jack Straw was Home Secretary he allowed Jamie Bulgers killer John Venables early release and a new identity. Venables was caught with child porn, including a video of a young girl of 8 year old being violently raped, Straw decided to give him a new identity.

We have a list of all the convicted Labour Party paedophiles but unfortunately it is too long to publish on this article so we have put a video of all the names so please watch.

For more information on the Labour25 please go to the link
If anyone has any more information on the sordid lives of the Labour Party Councillor/MP's or anyone connected to the Labour Party  please don't hesitate to get in touch and leave a comment on this article and we WILL get in touch.

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