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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The day the BBC met its match. (updated version).

Around 40 officials of The British National Party gathered at a stylish venue in the Midlands, to hear the party Chairman Mr Nick Griffin deliver a statement to the BBC. When the BBC crew arrived with the anti-nationalist Darragh Macintyre, everyone knew it was going to be an unjust report for the Beeb's flagship current affairs programme Panorama. Before the statement was read out Mr Simon Darby the partys media spokesman asked everyone to observe a minutes silence for the victims of the Islamic onslaught on that dreadful day back in 2001. The BBC crew set up their cameras, and then Simon began the proceedings by briefly telling the officials what the Panorama programme would be about. Now for the statement which you can read here >

After the statement the Chairman got up and left the room to the bewilderment of the BBC crew, they tried to rush to the Chairman to ask questions but they were too late, Simon got in there straight away to ask James Oliver, the Panorama producer some questions about the BBC ranging from: BBC staff jailed for assault, torture and even murder. James Oliver was physically shaking and sweating profusely as Simon asked him about a BBC South West reporter who recently appeared before North Avon Magistrates Court charged with raping children.

Then came the moment when Darragh Macintyre started shouting and looked frustrated because he couldn't get his own way, unlucky.

This is the 3rd time the BBC has tried to smash the party with its lies and under-cover infiltrators. The last BBC attack on the party involved the use of paid left-wing infiltrator Andy Sykes, and an under-cover BBC journalist Jason Gwynn, they were posing as party officials and activists.

Below is a snippet of the BBC coming into the room, listen to what Darragh Macintyre and the producer say when he see's the officials sat there. You just couldn't make it up.

HOT OFF THE PRESS............... more footage from that eventful day clink the link below.

Watch how Darragh Mcintyre and his producer James Oliver squirm 'cos they know what is being said is true.

And now the moment you have been waiting for the full footage from that eventful day, click the link below.

ENJOY AT THE BBC's EXPENSE................

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