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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another attack on Nationalism

Nationalism is under attack once again in the guise of the justice system, our roving news team have just reported an incredible mis-carriage of justice in the court room at Pontefract Magistrates. Darren Lumb a British National Party member and organiser for the Wakefield & 5 Towns branch of the British National Party was subjected to an unbelievable show of anti-British and anti-English justice system, he was found guilty on a trumpted up case, he was only defending his freedom of speech and his right to express it. Our news team have reported how the prosecution deliberatley set their stall out to oppress freedom of speech, and the magistrates were the puppets of the corrupt legal system. How long will it be before people of this country finally open their eyes to this sort of Apartheid ?

Darren as far as our news team can make out objected to the price of diesel in his local service station and in return was arrested and subjected to awful treatment at the hands of the stasi police force, because he would not partake in the handing over of his fingerprints and a photograph, in which he was forced to give. He told our news team he ''felt like a stranger in his own country'' because of the way he was treated.

In court the magistrate said '' if we have any doubt we will aquitt you of all charges, but we can now say that this doubt was just a smoke screen for their intentions, the owner of the service station and his witness gave conflicting accounts of the allegations one saying that he didnt see Darren on the CCTV and the other saying she did see Darren on the CCTV, (which one was lying ?). Darren produced 6 credible witness's who all gave their version of events on what they saw on St Georges day of this year, but the prosecution and the magitrates did not want to know. They have got what they wanted and that is a very big pay out, the prosecution wanted to have Darren pay £850 in costs for the days hearing also have him pay compensation to the so called victims in this kangeroo court. The chief magistrate demanded that Darren pay £250 court costs no compensation but put him on a 12 month conditional discharge.

The days have long gone when you can say what you think because of the PC brigade, Jack Straw saw to that when he was the Justice secretary for Labour.

Darren also told our news team that he would like to thank all the true nationalists who had travelled from different parts of the country to support him, and that he has been let down by the once envy of the world British justice system.

Its now a case of one rule for us and another rule for them..Its either you now stand up for your rights or lose them its that simple.

If this is what you want then go ahead and keep voting for the corrupt 3 main parties, they are destroying your freedoms and rights.

What you will now view is the original footage of the days events, we are sorry about the quality, but what you see is what you get, please view this footage, the legal system is a joke.


  1. Shocking and very scary... I'll be up next! don't kniow what for yet but I am sure these goons will find something. FFS punished for thinking....WAKE UP BRITAIN!

  2. Well, we mustn't offend these people by making them out to be the liars that they are, so once again British justice is a joke. Hopefully an appeal will clear this all up, but in the meantime be aware that as a white person, you will be found guilty in cases like this !!!!!