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Monday, 8 August 2011

War on the streets.

Have we now entered into a  new phase ?. In Tottenham on Thursday a black guy was shot dead by the police,  on Saturday his family and friends did a ''peaceful protest'' outside the police station, this lasted about 2 hours before unrest broke out, leaving business's ablaze, police cars burnt out, officers injured, dozens arrested, On Sunday we saw more rioting and looting of shops, the Metropolitan Police are over stretched due to David Cameron's government cut backs, and to top it all off the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, and a few more of the Cabinet were abroad living it up in far away places, HOW IRONIC, Now on Monday afternoon we saw wide spread riots across London, clashes with police accured in Hackney, Clapham, Lewisham, Croydon, and now report are coming in that there are now disturbances in Birmingham, and else where, in Croydon buildings are on fire and the roads are littered with broken bottles and wall bricks. Politicians are saying its because of the social depravity due to the cut backs, we know its because of the multi-cultural disaster.

One thing that springs to mind i when the EDL did demonstrations in Halifax, Dewsbury they were kettled in by the police, but these riots are being carried out by about 150 or so black youths some as young as 10 years old and the police only run at them then stop to regroup, Is this because the police are scared of being called racist, yes I said racist.. A very powerful word, but this must be the case because when the EDL do demonstrations the police go in heavy handed and let their dogs attack and bite.

The picture above shows one of the alleged looters with his booty, who in their right mind would steal goods from a shop/store then take them home then take photo's of his swag bag and put them on a social networking site ?

Politicians are calling for peace and quiet, Diane Abbott MP for North Hackney was over heard defending the black community, now who does that ? she should be demanding these thugs and villains be found and charged.

Enoch Powell's famous speech is sadly coming true.What would he say now if he was alive?.

It is left up to the British National Party now to get our country back, the 3 main parties don't seem to care anymore, what about our children's future ?,


  1. Its all too true im afraid, this multicultural nightmare has brought us to this, and enoch was right, and weve been saying it for years, many people still do not see it, they have been so conditioned by years of corrupt labour lies and media brainwashing, we as patriots have given so much, putting our necks and livelihoods on the line time and time again, why?? as Enoch said "why do I say these things and stir things up? Because I do not have the right not to"
    For your childrens futures, you cannot falter now, keep the message going, The British National Party are here for you, and will be, long after all of the other old parties have totally destroyed the very fabric of everything you know and love.
    It is time now more than ever to be proud and resolute as you declare, I am a Patriot!

  2. This is the begining of the end of multiculti Britain we want our land back