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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thousands rioting and only a hand full arrested.

Ever wondered why only a handful of  rioters have been arrested ? have a look at the latest leaflet that has been produced by the lunatics hell bent on causing wanton damage in our communities, this will shock you, I hope the police get this.

There you go, so now you know the loony left are in on it, its not about the black guy getting shot by the police anymore its about the scum who are deliberately stoking the proverbial fires for their own agenda, COMMUNIST agenda.

Also have you seen the pictures of people that have been degraded by stripping bare naked by these thugs ? I have but cant seen to get the images because the controlled media have been ordered to get rid, what kind of state are we living in ? simple, we are living in a media controlled state where they controll everything YOU see, or hear..
Below is a short clip of the troubles in Liverpool last night Monday 8th August 2011.

And below is more footage of the troubles in Liverpool..

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