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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Police harrasment

Police today launched a dawn raid on the home of Derby British National Party Organiser Paul Hilliard, arresting him at 5.30 in the morning. 
The excuse for the arrest is that on Sunday there was an argument in Paul’s street between two of his neighbours and a black woman who is notoriously troublesome and loud-mouthed. Paul went out to calm things down and persuaded his English neighbours to go back inside.
Paul HilliardPaul HilliardAs he was leaving his home a few minutes later to go leafleting, the woman was still shouting and, seeing his neighbours coming out of their house again, Paul told them to go back inside. He then went leafleting with his team and thought nothing further of the incident until police told him that that was why they were arresting him this morning.
Paul’s wife was told that he would only be held for an hour or so, but at 11.30, when she contacted the police to find out what was going on, they admitted that they had still not even interviewed Paul.
“It’s an outrage,” says Nick Griffin, who is now in constant touch with Paul’s wife and key officials in the area. “It’s obvious too that it’s just an excuse. Paul and his team are very active in Derby, and the city is tense following the fatal stabbing of a notorious black drug dealer, Johnny Assani, by a gang of Muslims at the weekend.
“We obviously have sympathy with the police as they worry about the difficulties involved in keeping the peace in a city that has been turned into a multi-cultural powder keg by the policies of successive Labour and Tory governments. But they do not have the right to abuse their power in an attempt to silence legitimate and peaceful criticism of those multi-cultural policies by the activist of a completely legal political party. Such police-state tactics are an attack not only on the British National Party but on the entire democratic process for which generations of our bravest and best fought and died.”

If you are angry about bullying police chiefs and journalists, make up your mind right now to hit back.

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