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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Europhile gets his own way.

This is Laurie Harrison, a Labour councillor in South Kirkby for 50 years, he has been campaigning to have a new link road to the A1 in West Yorkshire named after a German town Sprockhoeval,after months of wrangling, petitions and forced the local population to pay for a district judge to decide on the naming of the new road which cost in the region of £30m. The area is steeped in history, mining, farming an Anglo-Saxon camp, but he has ignored all this because he twinned South Kirkby with Sprockhoeval over 30 years ago. Sprockhoeval has a road named after South Kirkby called South Kirkby Strasse. He has not given a last thought about the heritage of the South East of the Wakefield district. A young lad called Luke Farmer from Upton joined the Army and was tragically killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010, why didn't this road become a lasting memorial to him.

Whats more he has made a political blunder by calling a war hero in nearby Upton ''a clown of the village''. Mr Don Crossley flew on Lancaster bombers in WW2 in which many of his friends succumbed to their fate flying deadly missions to prevent the Nazi's from gaining anymore ground.

What will be the next blunder he will come out with ?. Its time for the good people of this region to take stock and remember all that has been going on with this corrupt ''politician'' and his so called Labour party collegues before its too late. Our news team will be watching these events very closely, If anyone has any information on the local Labour party, or even in the wider district please leave a comment on this article and we will get in touch.
These are links to Laurie Harrison's past all have been in the mainstream media.

This one is from the archives of the council minutes a local scource has supplied us with.

People will be astonished at the links but they were in the newspapers from around the Yorkshire area at the time.

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