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Saturday, 16 July 2011

True Indigenous people of Britain

Arthur Kemp interviewed on Radio Red, White and Blue: The vast majority of the native people of the British Isles are a distinct, identifiable and homogenous indigenous people who have every right to exist and be free from invasion and domination, like any other indigenous people on earth.
Speaking on an exclusive interview with Radio Red, White and Blue, hosted by John Walker, Arthur Kemp, author of the bestselling “Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Britain” explained that the historical, archaeological and genetic evidence clearly shows that the vast majority of British people have ancestors going back to the last mini ice age more than 12,000 years ago.
Even those who are of more “recent” arrivals, such as the Vikings and Danes, are of such closely related stock as to be almost indistinguishable and in any event have been in Britain longer than the Maoris have been in New Zealand.
Mr Kemp pointed out that the Maoris are fully accepted as indigenous first nation people and accorded special rights. There is, therefore, he said, no reason why the indigenous people of Britain should not be afforded these same rights.
The United Nations Charter on Indigenous Peoples protects all indigenous people from “dispossession of their territory” through “mass population transfers” and from “forced integration and assimilation” and “destruction of their identity and culture.”
It is therefore in line with international legal precedents to oppose the ethnic cleansing of Britain by mass Third World immigration, Mr Kemp said in a spirited discussion with Mr Walker.

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