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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Support for Nick Griffin. + Recent activities.

After being on the streets of Wakefield the team asked a few of the members of the public, if you were a member of the BNP who would you like to be the Chairman of the party, and by an overwhelming majority the answers that came back were Mr Nick Griffin, one gentleman said that ''Nick was the household name of the BNP'', he is now signing up to the party. The team was out in Pontefract on Tuesday gathering names for the ''GET BRITAIN OUT OF THE EU'' campaign. The response was out of this world, people were queuing up to sign, we also recruited 5 (yes) 5 new members, things are really looking up in the Wakefield district. If you are viewing this blog for the very first time and would like to know more about the BNP then click the link above.

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