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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sharia Law in the UK.

Here is a poster that has started to be fly-posted on lamposts and bus-stops.

Islamic extremists have put up posters in an east London borough declaring it a “Sharia controlled zone”.
The posters boldly claim: “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.”
Underneath are images indicating that smoking, alcohol and music are banned.


The posters are understood to have been discovered in the borough of Tower Hamlets last week, and they are identical to ones found in the boroughs of Waltham Forest and Newham.
A police spokeswoman said: “Officers are working closely with the local authority to have the posters removed as soon as possible.”
Tower Hamlets council said: “The posters have been brought to our attention and with our partners, we have been removing them as and when they have appeared, and will continue to monitor the situation.”


The posters come as a Bill in the House of Lords seeks to stop Sharia law taking root as a parallel legal system.
The Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill, introduced by Baroness Cox, would make it a crime for Sharia courts to falsely claim legal jurisdiction.
It would also protect Muslim women from sex discrimination at the hands of Sharia courts.


Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, who grew up in Pakistan and is the former Bishop of Rochester, is backing the Bill.
He said: “The problem with Sharia is that it is inherently unequal for certain kinds of people.”
Islam4UK is trying to establish Sharia in 12 cities/towns in the UK, some are Leeds, Dewsbury, Leicester, Derby, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest to name but a few, there are over 2000 Mosques in this country, with around 100 illegal Sharia courts already in use, WHO is to blame you may ask yourself after reading this ?, Well the Loony left-wing Labour party of course, they are responsible for the open door policy, The Conservative/LibDems are no better. 

If people dont act soon and voice their concerns then this country will be an Islamic State well within 50 years. What will your children/grandchildren think ? 


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