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Monday, 25 July 2011

Nick Griffin wins.

Hustings meetings were held up and down the country, where the two candidates were able to air their views. Members were given the opportunity to closely question both. Each candidate was enabled to put an election statement out with the ballot paper, and recordings of broadcasts from them were put on the main Party website. All the issues, no matter how controversial, were discussed. 
Complaints made to the Returning Officer, Geof Dickens, were swiftly addressed. Geof also advised members to ignore a smear booklet produced by a third party, which sought to influence the result in favour of Mr Brons (who disassociated himself from the booklet), and to rely only on the information from the candidates in deciding how to vote. 
The voting for this election closed at 13.30 today.
Now that all the votes have been counted, we can announce that MEP has been duly re-elected to lead the British National Party for a fixed term of four years. The winner, Nick Griffin, received 1157 votes, whilst Andrew Brons, the loser, received 1148 votes. Eleven ballots were spoiled.

Upon the announcement of his re-election, Nick Griffin said: “The time for division and disruption is over; now is the time to heal. Now is the time to move on. Now is the time to get back to work. We have a Party to build and a Nation to save. Lets go forward together.

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