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Saturday, 16 July 2011

A conversation about race.

This review is a response to a groundbreaking new documentary by filmmaker Craig Bodecker. His film entitled A Conversation about Race “redefines the conventional wisdom on Race and Racism” or more to the point should challenge typical ‘liberal’ attitudes and responses to the term ‘racism’. During his interview with Bodecker, Peter Schaenk describes the University graduate almost as a cult member. A very good parallel as it is here that the so called ‘conventional wisdom’ is gathered. It seems that quite literally the student is trained to ‘believe’ two contradictory thoughts. No wonder Bodecker calls his interviewees ‘believers’. As Schaenk defines it the student/cult member is ‘sold’ an ideology. Not that it has any fundamental grounding, shake it and it will fall so don’t dig to deep. So universities tell graduates that they are now ‘morally superior’ and against the masses they are armed.
In this interview Bodecker cites his motive for making the documentary stem from media representation of racism and real life ‘experience’ presenting a glaring disparity. As Bodecker points out in this exert a phenomenal amount of people believe ‘racism’ exists and have even experienced it yet it remains notoriously difficult to pin down. It is so prevalent that many of the responses to experiencing ‘racism’ had to resort to generalisation.  Bodecker states quite early on that ‘racism’ is a tool used to beat the white race. A glaring example is shown in this video clip It is accepted that Blacks are more highly represented in basketball because they are ‘better’ at it. However, does anybody suggest a sport or ANY area that whites excel at. It is interesting to note that British Olympic swimmers are notoriously White as are those competing in weight competitions. A follow up question on standardised testing revealed some more fascinating insights. Convinced that Whites scoring higher than Blacks on standardised tests was a cultural bias what was the answer to Asians scoring higher than Whites on these same tests. It is enthralling, amusing even to watch a person tying themselves in knots trying to explain away a faulty premise or even give another race credit for greater intelligence! Further probing confirmed that while a Black man is well justified in promoting the course of colour advocacy of White culture by a White man is racism or even worse White Supremacy. What this all boils down to is an ideology that requires a complete transformation of ideals. What was once valued such as high IQ is being levelled and multiculture is responsible. This is the ultimate scam. Not a melting pot of diverse cultures but a subversive means to divide society. What better way to control a child than use its own natural emotions against it. This is happening in Britain and Europe right now. ‘Hate’ an emotion is criminalised. You saw the above clip. How long before freedom of speech is a thing of the past in America as well.
It is clear that there is information in this film that the powers that be do NOT want the public to see. American media CBS was sent a copy of the finished production not long after its completion. It was only after Bodecker suggested that he would advertise the film as one CBS did not want the public to see that he was even contacted. CBS then proceeded to string him along for 3 months until finally dropping the film.
DVD of the film can be ordered off this site I urge readers to do so. This is a most fair and honest treatment of this issue.

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