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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Barnsley Hustings meeting.

A hustings meeting was held in Barnsley 20th July which was attended by a captive audience of around 40 Yorkshire members and officials of the British National party to hear Mr Nick Griffin  MEP and Mr Andrew Brons  MEP put their reasons forward why they should to be elected for a  4 year term of Chairman, Both men were professional, open and honest, a range of questions were put across the floor for both MEP's to give their answers.

Mr Adam Walker National Organiser, chaired the meeting and conducted it in a mature nature, after the MEP's and members had finished Mr Walker gave his summing up, and said '' after this election I hope everyone comes together because the real fight is outside and the people of our communities need our help''. Adam then closed the meeting, a raffle was held and the members stayed behind and  had a few drinks and a social chat.

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